Enclosure, Light and Bedding for Ball Python

Expert pet owners are aware of the misconception of the idea that ball pythons prefer small dark boxes with less moving space compared to huge enclosures. If you prefer a ball python for a pet, do not be deceived. Research indicates that such tiny and dark enclosures are associated with less mental enrichment and stimulation. Such an act violates animal welfare. Ball python needs to be as comfy as other animals in an enclosure. This article will give an insight into enclosure, light and bedding for ball python.

A 300 grams ball python hatchling requires to be put in an enclosure that can accommodate 10 gallons. This tank can be 20” by 11” by 13” in dimension. A 40 gallons tank should be used to house juvenile ball pythons that are up to 3 cm long. Such a cage should be measuring 36” by 18” by 18”. If you have a ball python adult that has a length of over 3’, make sure to use a tank of at least 120 gallons for its enclosure. The tank should have a floor of 8 sq. feet and a height of 2’ to allow the climbing factor.


Types of Enclosures

When it comes to choosing an ball python enclosure, you can use a PVC or plastic cage, melamine or wood cage or a storage bin or tubs or even glass. Glass makes it easy to control heat within the cage due to its ability to dissipate heat more efficiently than other materials. It is also very attractive and easy to clean and maintain. For PVC or plastic enclosures, you should know that they are very durable, attractive and easy to clean. (more…)

Canine Cancer Treatment for Dog

It is not only Humans that suffer from dreadful diseases such as cancer. In fact, cancer is quite a common occurrence in dogs. Cancer is considered as the principal cause of death in geriatric dogs. Approximately 50% of canine deaths are caused by cancer or tumours every year.

However, despite the high instance of cancer in dogs, cancer in canines is readily treatable as compared to other fatal diseases like Diabetes, Renal Failure, Cardio Vascular Diseases and many more. Dogs suffering from cancer need immediate attention, which can only be given by an experienced and dedicated Vet.

Common Symptoms of Cancer in Dogs

Listed below are some of the easy–to-find symptoms of cancer in dogs. This will help a dog owner to analyze the state of medical condition. The symptoms include:

  • Oral Mucous Excretion and Odor
  • Bleeding or Discharge
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • Excessive Weight Loss
  • Depreciating Stamina Level
  • Finding Difficulty to Eat and Drink
  • Drooling
  • Dull and Drab Appearance
  • Change in Routine Bowel & Bladder Habits

There is no better treatment than prevention. A dog owner should keep a check on the daily dietary habits and requirements of their dog and provide him/her with a high quality balanced dietcontaining a low quantity of carbohydrates and high levels of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is also necessary that dog follows a strict daily exercise routine. Consult your vet to get best professional advice for your dog’s health.

Despite taking all the precautions, even if your dog is diagnosed with a tumor, don’t panic. Today, veterinary science has shown marvellous improvements that offer effective cancer treatment for dogs. These innovative treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and combination of all. Moreover, the aim of modern cancer treatment for dogs is to look after the well-being of your pet and increase quality life.

A Guide for Cancer Treatment For Dogs

It is upsetting to find that cases of canine cancer are on the rise. And the worst thing is that a dog cannot speak about his/her wellbeing or medical condition. If the development of cancer in dogs is caught at an early stage, it can be easily treated by utilizing different treatments and therapies.

In recent times, all of us have become known about the factors that cause human cancer. These include smoking, junk food, alcohol, drugs etc. We very well know that if we adhere to healthy practices; eat balanced diet, exercise regularly, prevent direct exposure to sun-light, we can reduce the likelihood of developing cancer.

By going for regular health check-ups, and checking for growths or abnormalities, we can absolutely minimize risk from cancer. Health awareness is very important to keep the cancer away.  Remember! There are certain basic similarities between dog cancer and human cancer, and if we can take care of our body well, then definitely we can also care and protect our pet against cancer too!

Look Symptoms of Cancer in Your Dog

Even with advancements in medical science, statistics reveal that mortality rate of dog cancer is approximately 25%. Inspite of the fact that it is shocking rate, cancer can be treated and in many conditions can be easily cured.

Whether it is cancer or tumor, the success rate varies, and depends directly on the type of  cancer, the treatment type, and also the stage of cancer development. The sooner treatment begins, the greater the chances of success.. Therefore, as a serious dog lover, you should make yourself aware of the obvious dog cancer symptoms. And you don’t have to invest extra time while doing so. The task can be easily included as the part of daily routine.

10 Most Common Symptoms of Cancer in Dogs

  1. Appetite Loss
  2. Loss in Weight
  3. Abscess Formation in the Sores
  4. Bad Odor
  5. Non stop bleeding or Mucous Discharge from the Openings
  6. Difficulty in Walking and Body Stiffness
  7. Localized or Generalized Swelling on Body
  8. Problem in Urinating, breathing, and/or defecating
  9. Stamina Loss
  10. Lump Formation, which continues to grow in size and volume

If you spot any of these signs in your dog, you should report them to your vet as soon as possible. It won’t necessarily be cancer but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Diagnostic Tests

The Vet will perform cancer diagnostic tests to identify the cause of the symptoms.  Diagnostic tests such as, Biopsy, X-Ray, Ultrasound etc., are carried out by the Vet to ascertain whether cancer is benign or malignant. Benign cancer is localized cancer that can be easily removed. The cancer doesn’t spread to other parts of the body. Malignant cancer on the other hand is aggressive form of cancer that spreads to other parts of the body, ultimately resulting into production of secondary growths called Metastasises.

After the diagnosis is confirmed, the Vet begins with the course of treatment. Treatment depending on the nature of the disease, can be Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy or Surgery. Though surgery is the common methodology of treatment, combinations of various treatment methodologies can also be used by the vet under different conditions.

Remember, treatment for dog cancer is expensive, but here again a pet owner need not worry as pet insurance policies can relieve this problem. There are certain dog breeds that are at high risk, and as a dog owner, if you own these high risk breeds, it is advisable that you get the appropriate insurance coverage to suit.

Highest to Low Risk Dog Breeds

It is true that not every dog breed suffers cancer. The degree of of dog cancer is variable depending on the individual dog breeds. Here is a basic list of the dog breeds that are susceptible to cancer.

Maximum Risk Level

• Boxer.
• Golden Retriever
• Rottweiller
• Bernese Mountain Dog

High Risk Level

• Boston Terrier
• English Bulldog
• Scottish Terrier
• Cocker Spaniel

Medium Risk Level

• Irish Setter
• Schnauzer
• Labrador
• Mongrels

Minimum Risk Level

• Beagle
• Poodle
• Collie
• Dachshund

Orthopedic Beds For Dogs Help Ease the Pain of Arthritis

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of going to sleep in a lousy bed, only to wake up the next day aching all over your body?  If you haven’t, your lucky.  If you have, you already know that it is not fun.  If your dog was able to verbalise, what would they have to say about the bed? I speculate it would depend on whether he has an old pillow put in a box like our dog had when we were young, or if he has a well-fixed, supporting bed like DogPedic beds for dogs.

Many times it is thought that because dogs are dogs, or because they’re small and don’t weigh much, there isn’t a need for a memory foam bed.  Pet owners with large dogs may give it more thought, but even then will find something about the house that is suitable.

Here’s the thing, Hip dysplasia, which is an abnormal establishment of the hip socket, is most common in dogs.  It is one of the most studied issues in dogs because it is the leading cause of arthritis in dogs, causing a lot of pain and in severe cases causes crippling lameness.  Certain breeds and large dogs are more apt to get it.

Knowing this, selecting a bed for your dog should be given some thought and consideration.  If your dog is a puppy, a comfortable bed will offer support to their joints right from the beginning.  For aged dogs and may already be experiencing some joint pain, having a bed that conforms around their body relieves pressure from the joints allowing for a enjoyable night’s sleep.  Beds for dogs falling into this category are oftentimes referred to as orthopedic dog beds.

Memory foam beds for dogs have become common today for people just as much as for pets, because they contour themselves to the body to offer solid support, relieving any pressure points.  This is the same when the foam is used in creating beds for pets.  The Dog Pedic model will support dogs weighing up to as much as 150 lbs.

One other thing you may want to consider besides the quality of the bed you are providing for your dog, is your dog’s personal preference for sleeping.  If your dog likes to curl up and be snuggled, you may need to put their bed in a box or cage or something similar like that, that they can curl up against.  If your dog likes to be covered up, find them a comfy blanket to go on their bed.  Or if he likes to stretch out, make sure you get one large enough to allow for that.

If you think about how many hours your dog sleeps during the day, you have to know that having a quality bed for your dog is an investment in their health, and one that really is low-priced. So, don’t do like we did, but do your dog a favor, get rid of the old pillow and purchase a DogPedic Beds For Dogs – the Mercedes of dog beds.

Dog Health

Dog Health Advice

The Bond that can develop between a person and a dog can be unbelievably strong, especially if that bond had been strengthened over many years. I cried for days after loosing our family dog that had been like a best friend to me from my birth till I as 15 years old.

Dogs serve many different needs for people. Some people get a dog because they are lonely and want companionship or because they want a dog to protect their home. A dog that is looked after well and given regular care will give his life to protect his home and his owner. If you are blind a dog can be a pair of eyes to help you get around and for the police a dog can be an imperative tool and a loyal partner, with a nose second to none.

The first thing you ought to know about taking care of a dog is that dogs need lots of exercise. This is the same for large dogs and small dogs. All dogs need to be let out at least once every 8 hours to relieve themselves and must be given at least a 20 minute walk to give them some fresh air and exercise.

It is also imperative to interact and play with the dog on a regular basis. This can mean going to the park on a weekend or day off and having a good game of fetch, tossing the ball around in your back yard or just wrestling on the ground with the dog, just make sure if you are ruff housing with a little dog that you don’t accidentally hurt the dog. Playing with the dog for a half an hour each day is not only good for the dogs physical health but a dog that is played with a lot is mentally healthier and less likely to become depressed, it also lowers your blood pressure as well and it will form an unbreakable bond between master and dog, which will also extend to your family.

What you feed your dog is vitally important to the dogs good health. The best dog foods will be marked for what dog breeds the food is appropriate for. Younger dogs need certain vitamins and minerals in larger amounts than an adult dog, and the same goes for an elderly dog they need more calcium in their food to help protect their bones and joints. Feeding your dog the wrong food can stunt the dog’s growth and opens the dog to a larger risk of surgery when they are older.

Just like humans visit the doctor regularly, dogs ought be taken to the veterinarian’s office every 6 months, and must receive their shots yearly. Regular health checkups and vaccinations will help to make sure that your dog grows to be an old happy dog.

The Role of Fats and Carbohydrates in Your Dog’s Nutrition

Much of a canine’s diet regime can be comprehended if you understand the role of fats and carbohydrates in your puppie’s food regime. Balanced dog food nutrition needs a balance of fat and carbohydrates. Protein is also really important as is the right mix of vitamins and minerals, but in this article I desire to confine dialogue to fats and carbohydrates. You’ll find truly 5 key basics that I want you to understand and be able to apply so that your pet gets the very best dog nutrition possible.

Animal Fat

Earliest, regarding very best canine foods nutrition, not all fatty acids are designed equal. Even even though animal fats and vegetable oils are about identical regarding caloric written content, only two animal fat contain enough quantity with the crucial fatty acids to fulfill the requirements of right canine eating routine. Unless of course essential fatty acids are additional as a product to your canine’s daily eating routine, you have to be making use of possibly pig excess fat (often called lard), or horse unwanted weight. Stay away from manufactured dog meals employing tallow from cows and sheep. In order to compute number of calories from fat per unit of weight, figure approximately 126 energy every tablespoon.

Canine Nutrition: Cereals and Grains–Source of Carbohydrates

Why carbohydrates? If you’ve got done any research into best diets for dogs and persepectives on canine nutrition, you know that you will find various schools of believed on what constitutes the very best nutrition for you dog. One school fo believed holds that dogs ought to be fed a meat only diet plan, and others maintain strict adherence to a vegetarian diet.. Normally speaking, veterinary science holds that a mix of vegetable matter and other non-meat solutions is best. Thus, the significance of carbohydrates inside your dog’s daily nutrition.

Cereals and grains provide the basic source of carbs in dog food, nowadays. In normal circumstance, grain products must make up no additional than 50 percent of the substance in your pet’s diet. Examples of cereal/grain matter would be rice (boiled if you happen to be performing it yourself), corm meal, hominy grits, and even milled flour. Keep in mind that you will find many other grain source. Within the United States, corn prouducts are applied in practically everything, but if you happen to be preparing your dog’s food from scratch, you have other sources for example barly, quinoa, spelt, and so forth. In terms of caloric content, we are looking at about 29 calories per tablespoon, which comes out to about 464 per cup.

Potato Matter

An additional source of carbohydrates is potatos. Again, potato matter need to not make up additional than 50 percent of the dry matter inside your dogs food. It’s usually considered to be correct that you can exchance boiled potatos for boiled grain. Nevertheless, one point to maintain in mind with the use of potatos is the speed of conversion to sugar. In human diets, the value of some potatos is reduced due towards the rapid conversion to sugar. Don’t feed raw potatos to your dogs; boiled potatos only!

The Use of Bread in Canine Nutrition

Yes, bread might be another source of carbohydrates. Nevertheless, this will only concern you in case you mix your canine’s food yourself and avoid commercial preparations. Again, just about everybody who has a dog has their own opinion on what’s best. Bread is usually available, normally inexpensive and includes added vitamins and minerals, though the nutritional supplements in bread are based on a human diet, not a canine’s. If you want to experiment with custom preparation, you could even make your own bread, getting items in bulk, that you adjust specifically for your dog’s nutritional needs. If you decide to use bread, maintain in mind that it has already been cooked, so there’s no have to cook it or toast it further other than for textural difference and ease of crumbling.

Other Flour Products and Canine Nutrition

By other flour merchandise I’m referring to noodle and pasta solutions, such as spaghetti. These could be one more source of carbohydrates for your dogs if you are preparing the meals yourself. Keep in mind that you would like the flour items to constitute no more than 50 % with the dry matter within the food.

Though understanding the role of fats and carbohydrates inside your dog’s diet is crucial, and certainly crucial to understanding the best dog food nutrition, they are only component in the story. Protein, as mentioned is also a key component in the mix, but retain in mind that a dog’s need for fat and protein is often over promoted by the dog food industry. Commonly, the amount of protein in a dog’s diet throughout the growth/reproduction phase ought to be about 22 % and for maintenance about 18 %. For fat, you desire about 8 percent through the growth reproduction phase and about 5 percent for maintenance. Carbohydrate would make up the remaining proportion on the mix.