A load of luscious lemon recipes

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Because, yes, it is actually possible for life to give you too many lemons — especially if you happen to have a lemon tree — here are 25 links that will provide you with more than 50 different ideas on how to use those little bits of yellow citrus sunshine!

  1. Lemon bars recipe
  2. White chocolate lemon trifle
  3. 4 sweet & sour lemon recipes (1913)
  4. Lovely lemon recipes
  5. 12 Lemon dessert recipes to brighten your day
  6. Lemons: Sunshine for every occasion
  7. Lemon poppy seed bread
  8. Must-have Meyer lemon recipes
  9. Lemon meringue cake
  10. Lemon tassies mini dessert
  11. Lemon-caramel cupcakes
  12. Creamy lemon crumb squares
  13. Lemonade time! 3 recipes (1915)
  14. Pucker up, sweet cheeks: 20 lemon dessert recipes
  15. 4 Fresh lemon recipes
  16. 3 citrus cookie recipes with lemon & orange (1912)
  17. Meyer lemon pudding cake
  18. White chocolate lemon truffles
  19. Heirloom recipe: Lemon meringue pie (1897)
  20. 10 Sweet lemon recipes to pucker up to…
  21. Lemon cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting
  22. How to make frog lemonade (1910)
  23. Baked lemon pasta
  24. Lemon & herb chicken pastries
  25. Roasted lemon garlic herb shrimp


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